German newsweekly FOCUS magazine gets a light make-over before new Editor joins in March

FOCUS 04-10_gross You may not have noticed, but a sligthly enhanced version of FOCUS magazine has been circulating out there in Germany for about 2 weeks now.  It is pretty much the same formula that FOCUS introduced back in 1987 when it revolutionized the back-then bleak newsweekly magazine market in Germany.  This time, it’s just FOCUS 3.0  I guess, with an easier navigation, more coverage of politics and current economic affairs in a straight-to-the point attitude delivered through clear and concise stories (always highlighted by quirky graphs and charts) for those of us who are strapped for time. Three new sections will be introduced and you can discover these in the following video on the FOCUS website, with running commentary from Herr Markwort himself, for those of you out there who actually understand German: snapshot
This is the last touch-up to be led by departing magazine honcho, Helmut Markwort, before passing the baton this coming Fall onto the new tandem of editors-in-chief of current #2 Uli Baur and Cicero‘s former Editor, Wolfram Weimer, who is moving to the Burda HQ in Munich from Ringier’s Berlin offices in March. The three will run the 17-year old newsweekly together for the first six months starting from Weimer’s arrival.  Now, how this “ménage à trois” will work out, that’s the real story that everyone’s waiting for?


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