New French glossy “ENVY” has launched!

France has yet another glossy women‘s weekly magazine with the launch of ENVY by Groupe Marie Claire (GMC) on Thursday Feb. 11th.  The new mag caters to young fashion and celebrity addicted women aged 20-35 and features Angelina Jolie on the cover of its premiere issue. ENVY‘s concept is derived from British magazine LOOK, also published by GMC in a JV with IPC Media.  This launch represents a rumored investment of €20M for GMC over the next three years before the title is expecting to reach break-even (hopefully).
The new title is expected to circulate about 200 000 copies per week and the first issues was sold at the promotional price of €0,90 instead of the standard €1,70.  More infos at

Envy launch title
Only four and a half months have past since Mondadori France brought Italian export glossy Grazia to Paris! Lagardère Active is said to be working on the upcoming launch of its own people/fashion weekly mag called Be for this Spring.  This will make three women‘s weeklies launched within six months roughly in France.  While print is struggling worldwide, it is nice to see how much is happening in the busy women‘s magazine segment in Paris!

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