After 2 years, it’s time for a face-lift at French GQ!

GQ FR new L.Bourgoin French GQ, published by Les Publications Condé Nast, sister company of New York-based Condé Nast, just unveiled the newly refreshed GQ coinciding with the book’s 2 year anniversary and featuring up-and-coming French actress Louise Bourgoin.  The title has been successful since its launch at the beginning of 2008, but it felt that it needed a slight boost since most of its French competitors, such as L’Optimum, have all been revamped following GQ‘s inception.

Despite a slight slump in advertising in 2009, GQ is doing quite well with an audited monthly circulation of 71 445 copies (OJD DSH 2009), of which 8 507 are subscribers. The initial target was 70 000 copies a month, so so far so good for GQ in the tough arena of upscale French men’s magazines, where most titles are niche and sell below 50 000 copies a month.  The goal is to now reach the 100 000 bar over the next couple of years to be on par with German and British GQ (130 094 and 134 704 respectively).

GQ‘s online content used to be folded into Condé’s web portal but it has gained its independence since February 17th and is now at

And next is the first iPhone App that’s scheduled for June 2010. You go boy!


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