Lagardère Active launches 25th edition of ELLE DECORATION in Indonesia

ED Indonesia Lagardère Active recently announced the signature of a license agreement with PT Trinaya Tirta for the launch of ELLE DECORATION in Indonesia, whose first issue came out on February 22nd. PT Trinaya has already been publishing ELLE successfully under license for now 2 years in Indonesia and Adeline Juni Mewengkang, already editor-in-chief of ELLE, has also been appointed editorial director for ELLE DECORATION. The title will have a print run of 50 000 copies and will sell for 48800 RP (about €3,80).

The ELLE DECORATION brand has developed through a wide range of activities and is now a platform-agnostic global media brand catering to avid decor enthusiasts everywhere.  Content is available on websites, brand extensions such as magazine spin-offs, TV programs, several local events and the ELLE DECORATION INTERNATIONAL DESIGN AWARDS, which are now considered the worldwide annual rendez-vous for world-class designers and manufacturers.

The ELLE DECORATION network, the world’s number one style magazine for the home, now boasts:

* more than 8,5 million readers worldwide
* a yearly circulation of more than 20 million copies
* more than 10 000 advertising pages in 2009
* 34 000 editorial pages in 2009


2 responses to “Lagardère Active launches 25th edition of ELLE DECORATION in Indonesia

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