Burda takes over independent erotic magazine “Alley Cat” in Germany

Alley cat coverGerman magazines giant Hubert Burda Media is investing in talent! Alley Cat is an independentt erotic magazine for women that was launched in August 2009 by three young students from Düsseldorf last August: Ina Küper, Marlene Burba (and not Burda!) and Jana Vetter.   The concept of the magazine is somewhat surprising as it features portraits, interviews and "reportages" as well as reports on past erotic encounters, sex tips, all of it alongside stylish erotic pictures.  "Sexuality as a lifestyle theme", as the three ladies put it.  They are not trying to turn their readers into blow-job professionals or accomplished mistresses, but to help them be comfortable with their sexuality and overcome any body issues they might have.  What Alley Cat provides is a place where things that mmakes women happy are out on the table, where other women can chime in and share their own feelings and where there are no taboos.

Burda bought the title in January and the first issue to come out under the new partnership is for this May.  Alley Cat's upcoming new issue (under Burda rule) is being promoted within the Burda Style Group, which encompasses, Bunte, InStyle, ELLE, Freundin and BurdaStyle already.  The initial founders moved to Munich after their title was bought and have been developing the title with the support of the BSG under the helm of Ulrike Zeitlinger, Freundin's current Editor-in-chief.

Alley Cat caters to young women aged 18-29 and is to be an upscale glossy women's magazine. http://www.alley-cat.de


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