Newsweek to launch Pakistan edition by September 2010

The news itself is old apparently, but I just heard about it. It seems that a Pakistan Edition of the American news magazine Newsweek (owned by the Washington Post Company)will soon be coming to a news stand near you, if you live in Karachi or Islamabad that is.  Reportedly the initial print run should be around 30 000 copies – about 4x the current sales estimated at 7500 copies a week and the first issue is expected in September 2010.

Newsweek intl editions

The Pakistani edition will be managed by A.G. Publications– a subsidiary of the Associated Group (AG) – which itself is led by Fasih Ahmed, a former award-winning Newsweek correspondent for Pakistan.  

Newsweek already has three international English language editions, including the one managed in Hong Kong which is now available in Pakistan. It also has a number of global editions published in regional languages (Arabic, Russian, Polish, etc.). However, it seems that the Pakistani edition will be in English and aims, eventually, for a South Asian market, with both international and local content. Given that Indian laws regarding foreign publications are more stringent, it is speculated that although Newsweek is setting up shop in Pakistan, the real market it is eying is the much bigger Indian market. According to a recent report in the FT, estimates suggest that only about 1000 copies of English-language publications are sold per day in Pakistan, a country of 180 million.  Existing English-language titles include: The Herald, Newsline, The Friday Times, Dawn, and The News


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