Paris Match – Once upon a time YSL…

Match YSL cover Great stylish cover of Paris Match this week for once!  French fashion legend Yves Saint-Laurent and his latest muse, Corsican model Laetitia Casta, are gracing the cover of Paris Match in a clever photo-montage shot by Dominique Isserman as a modern take on Jean-Loup Sieff’s own famous 1968 black and white shot of then 32-year old Yves Saint-Laurent, sitting naked on a bunch of cushions in the photographer’s apartment and staring at the camera through his shades. 

The venerable french news and pictures weekly publication even came out a day early (today, on a Wednesday) on that occasion. The release of this unique cover coincides with the beginning of an exhibit at the Petit Palais in Paris dedicated to the late fashion designer.  Almost two years after the master’s death, 307 carefully-chosen YSL outfits (out of 5000 kept within the Pierre Bergé-YSL Foundation) will be on display at the Petit Palais, under the artistic direction of Robin Fournier-Bergmann, YSL’s “living memory” (mémoire vivante in original version).  You can catch a glimpse of the preparation taking place on-site in the pages of this issue.

YSL’s long-time partner and business associate, Pierre Bergé, explains in this video how he and Robin Fournier-Bergmann managed to narrow down the exhibit’s selection to 300 from the 5000 oufits that are kept at their Foundation.

Une vie saint Laurent CD 2

About two weeks ago, Alain Chamfort, a popular French songwriter and singer, who shot to fame in the 70’s released a critically-acclaimed record in memory of YSL called
Une vie Saint-Laurent“.  The beautiful lyrics take you back to the early days to YSL’s career as a boy growing in French-occupied Algeria to his first job in fashion as Assistant to Christian Dior all the way to his rise to “roi de la mode”.  The 16-song CD is not sold through the usual retail channels but only available on the French e-commerce site Vente Privée instead for the bargain price of 5,50 euros.

Click to dowload the latest issue of Paris Match in PDF format from Relay.

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