UK: The new Observer is out

Observer march 7 edition The latest incarnation of  the venerable British daily The Observer came out  on February 21st in four sections – News, Sport, New Review and Observer Magazine.  I know it is a daily and not a magazine, but it does come with a magazine supplement, so it is worth mentioning 😉

As reported on the Guardian's website, owned by the Guardian Media Group like the Observer, the title now boasts significant changes and improvements in all the sections, aiming to deliver the best coverage of politics, arts & culture, science, food & lifestyle, the environment and all the issues that are central to the lives of its Sunday readers.

Obersver video

The Observer even released a commercial, produced by agency Wieden & Kennedy's London office, which ended being parodied on youtube. A third video was also produced featuring testimonials from major UK players telling their version of why the Observer is so dear to them.
Click on the above picture to open link to Guardian Online's Greenslade Blog's for all three videos.

Observer mag march 7 edition I am mostly interested in their Observer Magazine, which has been completely redesigned with a revamped front section and enhanced coverage for food, fashion, relationships, gardening, ethical living and much more. The new logo of the magazine is very funky, more what you'd expect to be the font used for a disco-era band on their latest vinyl.   To the rigth of this paragraph is the March 7 cover of the magazine.

Also, Observer Food Monthly will return on March 14, as reported by


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