USA: “Magazines, The Power of Print” Campaign

The leaders of five major magazine companies – Charles H. Townsend of
Condé Nast; Cathie Black of Hearst Magazines; Jack Griffin of Meredith
Corporation; Ann Moore of Time Inc.; and Jann Wenner of Wenner Media – jointly announced on March 1st the upcoming launch of one of the largest print advertising
campaigns ever created to promote the vitality of magazines as a medium.
The announcement was made at the opening day of the 2010 4A's
Leadership/Media Conference
in San Francisco.

Power of print campaign

Created by Young & Rubicam NY agency, the "Magazines, The Power of Print"
campaign will roll out in the May issues (for weeklies, the issues on
sale the week of April 5) of nearly 100 U.S. titles and run for seven months
in magazines and websites from the five publishers, as well as Active
Interest Media, American Express Publishing, Bonnier Corporation, Emmis
Publications, ESPN, National Geographic, New York Magazine
, and
third-party sites in the food, shelter, sports, entertainment, fashion
and news categories, reaching a combined 112 million readers per month. Reportedly, a
complementary digital component will also be supporting the print campaign
beginning this spring.

The "Magazines, The Power of Print" campaign was announced at the beginning of March
2010 in the U.S.  It will launch in April with ads in nearly 100
reaching 112 million readers per month.  The campaign promotes not just
the enduring strengths of the medium but also spotlights consumer
commitment to magazines. Read the Official
Press Release

For more information on the AAAA's 2010 conference, read Ad Age's special coverage report of the event.  


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