New French women’s weekly “Be” started teaser campaign in anticipation of imminent launch

A week before its supposed launch date on March 19, French media giant Lagardère Active started promoting its new women's weekly magazine in its own titles (Elle, Paris Match, Télé 7 Jours, etc.).  A dedicated teaser campaign called "Be", for the now génération" has been created by agency BETC Luxe to promote the new title.  TV commercials and internet teasers are to follow.

"If the movie sucks, thanks for telling us before we stand for an hour in the rain to see it",
reads the caption.

The website already went live a few months ago as the "number one 100% fashion community" as part of Lagardère 360° strategy since "Be" is supposed to be a brand new platform-agnostic lifestyle concept reflecting the current lives for young women aged 20-35.  An iPhone App has also been available shortly after the website's inception.  The DNA of the "Be" brand is supposed to play on the sense of community amongst young women nowadays with "Be" as their inside source of tips, advices, etc.  The ton of the magazine/website will definitely be "girly" with a mix of fashion, lifestyle and celebrity content as it caters to the Y-Generation.  I will be sure to report back once the print version is out…

NOTE:  as the launch of the third women's weekly mag within 6 months in Paris is nearing, Marie Claire Group just released some figures regarding their recent launch of ENVY about a month ago.  Already heralded as a success, ENVY has been circulating 250 000 copies per issue on average (based on issues 1, 2, 3), which is above its target number.  The magazine started at €0,90 for the first 3 issues and went up to €1,70 from then on. On the advertising side, the magazine has been carrying 22 ad pages on average over the first 6 issues, which is 2 pages above is initial goal.


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