USA: Advertising deal between national magazine “ELLE” and regional magazine “C”

The American edition of the women’s glossy ELLE and C, a lifestyle magazine catering mostly to upscale Californian women, are to collaborate in order to try to sell more ad pages and services to U.S. advertisers.

According to AdAge, the deal means ELLE can offer its big national advertisers the chance to “heavy up” in both its magazine and, using C magazine’s resources, key California markets such as Los Angeles or San Francisco. “If you run a handful of pages in ELLE but not with C, for a slight increase in your total spend, you’re able to increase your presence in ELLE and layer on C,” explained Lesley Campoy, Publisher of the Santa Barbara-based title.

With the Global Bonus Plan, ELLE already offers something similar for advertisers who want to go more global, giving them incentives to spend more in global editions around the world in addition to their U.S. buys.  Advertisers who increase their market share in the magazine year over year earn credits (similar to the miles in an airline’s frequent flyer program), which they can apply toward added value such as events, insertions in an international edition of ELLE, or merchandising opportunities.

ELLE US + C mag

Although ELLE actually fared better than most magazines in terms of ad pages in 2009, its ad pages dropped 21% YoY, according to the Publishers Information Bureau (compared with a 26% drop across all magazines tracked by the bureau). C magazine’s 2009 ad pages were also down 21%.  Almost 3 months into 2010, ELLE‘s ad pages are actually up 5% so far compared to Q1 2009, while most other monthlies are seeing their ad pages drop another 6%, according to the Media Industry Newsletter (MIN).  And C‘s March issue – the first issue in 2010 after it published a Winter issue combining December 2009, January and February 2010 – saw ad pages grow 28% over March 2009, according to Ms. Campoy.

More about C: C is California style.  With beautiful photography and a sophisticated wit, C is California’s arbiter of taste and trends—primarily in the areas of fashion, jewelry, people, beauty and home. It focuses on the looks, people, places, and events that define California’s style and its role as the creative center of the country.  C is Hollywood, yes. But also Silicon Valley, La Jolla, Napa and Palm Springs. The incomparable San Francisco. The rich enclaves of Beverly Hills, Santa Barbara, and Carmel. C celebrates the best of California life, style, and influence.


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