Assouline is releasing a new book about legendary magazine art director George Lois

March-1965-cover-0508-lg Are you wondering who the hell George Lois is? Well, if you work in magazine publishing, you shouldn’t be.

Lois is the man behind the iconic covers of the American magazine Esquire during the Sixties and early Seventies (including Sonny Liston-as-Santa Claus, Muhammad Ali-as-Saint Sebastian and Andy Warhol drowning in a can of Campbell’s tomato soup,
to name a few).  New York’s MoMA even had a year-long exhibit named “George Lois: The Esquire Covers” (from April 25, 2008  to March 30, 2009 to be precise)
heralding Lois’ work as creative director of Esquire.

George Lois discusses his work

Gl book assouline cover Now the venerable French coffee table book publisher Assouline has just released a tribute book to the exhibit.  For a hefty US$50, you can purchase the book at the Assouline’s many book shops in major cities around the globe (NYC, London and Paris, Dubai etc.) as well as on the official website .  They even let you eaf through a digital version of the book on the site so you can take a peak inside before reaching out into your wallet for your credit card.  Also available on the site is “The Big Idea”, another book by George Lois.

The Guardian Online dedicated an entire gallery to Lois on its site late February. Click here to take a look.

About George Lois:
George Lois is an adman-genius, an innovative thinker, a creator of
cultural stigmas of advertising that lasts forever. Lois is the author
of several books including Iconic America and $ellebrity,
and his Esquire covers are in the permanent collection at The Museum of
Modern Art. He has also received the Lifetime Achievement Award from
the American Institute of Graphic Arts.


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