France: Let it “Be”, says Lagardère Active…

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Be-cover That’s it, Lagardère Active’s new women’s weekly glossy “Be” hit French newsstands on March 19, with a print run of 160 000 copies. The premiere issue features French singer/actress Vanessa Paradis, Johnny Depp’s longtime partner and the mother of their two children together, on the cover. 

The editorial content ranges from fashion and beauty news to articles on relationships and sexuality.  It is currently being sold at the promotional price of 1 euro for the first 4 weeks before going up to a €1,50 cover price late April. 

The first issue is 172-page thick including 60 ad pages(Chanel, Repetto, Lancôme and Lolita Lempicka among others).  As reported a couple of weeks back on this blog, Be joins a highly competitive market among French weeklies, with other recent additions including Mondadori’s Grazia (launched in August 2009) and Marie Claire’s Envy (launched in February 2010).

Lagardère Active had already released Be’s Web site,, in January 2010 along with a dedicated iPhone App in order to start getting a community of “Bees” circling around.  the App is already on target to reach 30 000 dowloads by year’s end and the site has more than 400 000 unique users a month on average (on track to reach 1M by end of 2010), according to figures provided by the publisher.  Be, a global 360° brand for women, will also be present on TV screens with a behind-the-scenes with the editorial team short series that will be broadcast once a week on Lagardère’s Virgin 17 cable TV.  The magazine is banking on a paid circulation of 160 000 a week with 20 ad pages on average (€16000 rate card for a 4CFP) to be profitable.  Time will tell, but most media experts in Paris are doubtful that all three of these new women’s weeklies can make it.


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