UK: “Recognise” the power of green!

Recognise first issue cover A new kind of magazine recently came out in the UK called "Recognise".  It is the "a socially aware lifestyle magazine for men and women", as the publisher introduces it.  It aims at presenting an eclectic mix of fashion, travel, gadgets, food and beauty for both men and women every two months. The editorial content will be defined by a commitment to pinpointing companies, people and brands that are all dedicated to social awareness and responsibility.

The magazine wants to cater to  environmentally conscious men and women aged 25-45 living in large cities and with an above-average income. Recognise is aiming to circulate about 40 000 copies per issue with an estimated readership of 220 000 readers. The magazine is distributed in WH Smith stores nationwide (Comag Specialist) and independent newsagents, 4* Hotels, airlines, gyms and health clubs, corporate receptions and private member’s clubs. Recognise is also stocked in Harrods, Knightsbridge and Gentlemen Tonic Mens Hair Salon in Selfridges, London. The issue # 2 is scheduled to come out on April 10.
The print magazine is complimented by an innovative, fully interactive online issue, found at the regularly updated website:  


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