Germany: “Der Spiegel” wins Magazine of the Year award at the 2010 Lead Awards

Germany's renowned newsweekly Der Spiegel won the Magazine of the Year Award at the 2010 Lead Awards ceremony that took place in Hamburg yesterday. Football magazine "11 Freunde" finished second and Vogue third.

Lead2010 copy

Die Zeit Magazine, the weekend magazine supplement to the Berliner daily Die Zeit, won Cover of the Year with its "Ich glaube ich trete aus / Katholizismus in Deutschland" cover in Issue #52.  It's another reward for Die Zeit's Editor-in-Chief, Giovanni Di Lorenzo, which was favored to move to Munich's Süddeutsche Zeitung publishing house to head the eponymous newspaper, just declined the proposal to stay in Berlin.

Peter-Lindberg's Liebe/Hass: 30 Jahre Vogue + Pete Souza's the Obama's

Peter Lindberg's "Liebe/Hass: 30 Jahre Vogue" (left) + Pete Souza's photograph of the Obama's (right)

German Vogue won the prize for best Feature as well as best Fashion Photography in 2009 for the Peter Lindbergh spread in the magazine's 30th anniversary issue called "Love/Hate: 30 years of Vogue".  Best Photo of the Year went to Pete Souza for his mastershot of the Obama's head-to-head moment taken on Inauguration night in D.C. in what looks like a hotel's freight elevator. The photograph appeared in the celebrity glossy Gala in February 2006 (issue #6). 

Ein Magazin über Orte The Newcomer of the year Award for best new magazine went to the independently published "Ein Magazin über Orte" (A magazine about places in English), which is a creative mono-thematic travel magazine.  Each issue deals with a different location, for instance the latest issue (#6) is about “Home”. 

On the digital end, LesMads, a fashion and style blog for women, won Best Blog of the year and DerFreitag, won best digital magazine of the year.

About the Lead Awards:
The Lead Academy for Media Design and Media Marketing in Hamburg has been organizing the ceremony every year since 1993, during which it gives out magazine publishing Awards for several categories. The Academy's judging panel is made of well-known personalities from the media, IT and arts industries, which decide on the nominations for each Award category. Publishing houses and media owners cannot apply for any categories, only the Academy's panel may chose one of their publications as one of the nominees.  More on the Lead Awards' Official Website in German.


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