France: women’s glossy “Femmes” rumoured to be folding soon

Femmes magazine, the latest upscale women's monthly launched by G+J's French subsidiary Prisma Presse isn't doing well apparently. Following the release of the latest OJD circulation figures, which show a drastically sinking circulation down 20% YoY for the title, the new CEO Rolf Heinz (who started in Fall 2009) declared to the Journal du Dimanche that he was considering shutting down Femmes, despite its recent business agreement to take over subscriber's file as well as the "art de vivre" lifestyle section from its former competitor Atmosphères (owned by Roularta Media before it folded last August).

Femmes_couv Launched at the end of May 2008 under the helm of Editor in Chief Marie-Claire Pauwels, Femmes's editorial concept was to blend high fashion and culture along with a strong lifestyle section resulting in a unique mix in the French market.  The magazine caters to more mature urban women aged 40-50 years old with a high-purchasing power.  The circulation crashed to 80 582 in 2009 from 103 238 over the first 7 issues in 2008.  Fabrice Boé, Prisma's former CEO, had budgeted €10 million to launch the title (€3M just for marketing/communication) and had expected Femmes to break even within 3 years.  Its successor, Mr Heinz, is denying that the magazine's closure planned for April, but isn't denying that it has been considered and is still under discussion.  I guess the jury isn't out yet on this one…

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