Italy: newsweekly Panorama to embed video in its upcoming issue

Panorama 001_PA14_2010 V.I.P. is the name of this new technology and for once it doesn't stand for Very Important Person, but Video-in-Print instead.  The italian newsweekly Panorama, part of Silvio Berlusconi's publishing empire Mondadori, will include a small LCD screen using this technology in the pages of the next issue, coming out on Friday.  The 2,4 inch screen, which is 3mm thick, will only be inserted in 10 000 copies, probably due to costs.  This VIP effort is sponsored by French car giant Citroën and one of their commercials will be running on the screen. 

Although Panorama is claiming first dibs, Time Inc's Entertainment Weekly, ran a similar VIP feature last September with ads for CBS Television's new season's programs.  The VIP technology has been developed by US tech firm Americhip.  Now Panorama is claiming to be first to include VIP in its newsstands copies (and not subscribers issues).

The mini-screen can display up to 45 minutes of video content, despite a limited battery life of 80 minutes, but is rechargeable with the use of a USB cable.

More info:
Watch a CBS News' report on the Entertainment Weekly VIP feature.
AdAge's report on the EW's Video In Print.


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