Men’s Health Germany reaches record circulation figure

TS_25_03_MEN_S-HEALTH Yes, there are still success-stories to be told in the print world!  The February issue of Men's Health Germany broke its circulation record when it reached 322 148 copies, according to its Stuttgart-based German publisher Motorpresse, which publishes the title under license from Rodale Inc.  The previous highest circulation achieved was 321 832 and dated from June issue 2001!  Editor-in-Chief Wolfgang Melcher (left) is extremely pleased with the February figures and having reached this new milestone despite the current state of the Germany economy, the mag industry's trend of sinking circulation figures and the usual general disregard for print from young men.

As usual, the February cover of Men's Health featured a fit Adonis-looking young man with a "get rid of your belly" headline but it was supported by a TV campaign, which the publisher runs twice a year to help boost its circulation figures up.  It also gives away many free copies at German airport's lounges (as many as 77 864 according to the latest circulation statement IVW IV 2009), which is common practice within the male lifestyle magazine segment.

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One response to “Men’s Health Germany reaches record circulation figure

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