France: satirical weekly “Siné Hebdo” to shut down by late April

Sine-hebdo couv Siné Hebdo, the satirical weekly founded in September 2008 by Síné, a former cartoonist for satirical French weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo, announced it would close with a final issue scheduled for late April because it “is losing money every week, and after “Siné tried everything”.  Although the sales figures remained very respectable for a niche title in these times of economic crisis for the press (37 000 circ. at €2 a copy), Siné Hebdo, nicknamed the “badly-behaved weekly paper”, still loses about 35 000 euros a month.

Star cartoonist Siné had been fired from Charlie Hebdo in September 2008 by the paper’s former Director Philippe Val, now head of public radio station France Inter, who had accused him of antisemitic comments in one of his captions in which he infamously refered to an alleged conversion to judaism by Jean Sarkozy, the current President’s son, who had just wed at the time a young French heiress of Jewish decent.


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