Germany’s Top 50 print-brands on the Internet

The chart below establishes how Germany's Print-Brands rank on the Internet, according to Google Ad-Planner.  Here's the Top 50 Print-Brands that matter the most on the web ranked by German unique users in Feburary 2010.

AdPlanner_D_Printmarken_top 50_201002 
Clearly, tech (Chip is  #1, Computer Bild, Heise, PC Welt) is the top category with 4 sites within the Top 10, followed by qualitative news (Spiegel, Focus, Stern, SZ, Die Welt) and entertainment/light news (Bild).  From 10 to 20, you've got regional newspapers' sites, business/economy, celebrity/entertainement and TV guide type of sites.  The bottom 30 are pretty much a mix of the above listed categories plus women's and men's lifestyle and fashion sites that start to appear.


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