France: “Les Echos” runs Video In Print commercial for Citroën

Enjeux_avril10 An unprecedented technology in France, the "Video In Print" medium is now available there. French car maker Citroën and the ad sales department of the business daily Les Echos have joined forces to launch this innovative medium in the latest issue of the weekly magazine supplement Enjeux-Les Echos over Easter weekend.

5 movies (two of the last campaign of the Citroen DS3) can be viewed on the 2.4-inch LCD screen (3mm deep) inserted into the page of the magazine. According to Les Echos, the VIP mini-screen will be inserted in 10 000 copies (9 000 to their subscribers and 1 000 available in newsstands). This format offers an average 45 minutes of playing time but it comes with a mini USB port on the back of the screen that allows one to recharge the battery if needed. The budget for the VIP integratiobn was not disclosed by the two parties. 

The VIP technology, owned and developped by the US tech-firm "Americhip" had already been used in a US joint campaign for Pepsi and CBS in Entertainment Weekly magazine in 2009. More recently, and as previously reported on this blog, the Italian newsweekly Panorama (Mondadori) also ran a Citroën commercial using VIP in one of its March issues. 

Read the official release from Les Echos (in French) on their site.


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