France: Marie Claire launches kids spinoff “Marie Claire Enfants”

New bi-annual spinoff Marie Claire Enfants hit French newsstands on March 25. It caters primarily to affluent urban women (so-called AB readers) with children aged between 3 and 12 years.

MarieClaireEnfants cover For Stephanie Tortorici, who led the design team who worked on the inception of this new title, Marie Claire Enfants has a unqiue positioning. It is a women's magazine as well as a parenting title. We believe that there was a gap to fill and room for a new women's magazine that would be more open to the world of children. In this sense, Marie Claire Enfants truly answers a need for today's women by offering a creative/recreational magazine concept that covers all the interests of today's moms: arts, culture, fashion, education, society, beauty, travel, cooking!

Marie Claire Enfants is laid out in a playful but elegant fashion, a deliberately funny tone (refreshing and generational) as well as a glossy finishing touch. The debut issue is said to have a circulation of 60 000 copies: 50 000 are sold in kiosks for €4.90 and 10 000 copies are available in museums, fashion boutiques for children across France. The second issue is planned for September.

According to Fredrik Edström, publisher of the title, the advertising market has rather welcomed this latest spinoff, despite the crisis.  Indeed the debut issue carries between 25 and 30 pages of advertising.

Marie Claire also publishes Marie Claire Maison (decor) and Marie Claire Idées (tips and ideas).

Marie Claire Group's website is currently under construction but you can visit the Ad Sales' website GMC Factory.


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