Sweden: Bonnier folds “Queen” magazine and launches “S”

Queen gone, s launch Swedish magazine powerhouse Bonnier shut down its 2-year old niche celebrity magazine Queen, which was dedicated to coverage of the Royal families and major aristocrats throughout Europe as well as fine dining and lush travel locales.  When Bonnier first launched Queen in 2008 (it published 4x that year), there was a good following, but it slowly died down, despite an increase in frequency to 8 issues in 2009.  It had a print run of about 60 000 copies at the end. 

Subsequently, Bonnier’s top editor Amelia Adamo (founder and editor of the popular Amelia magazine franchise), has tapped Pamela Andersson (with two “ss”, not the one of Baywatch fame), former editor of Queen, to run a newly launched gossip magazine called S, whose first issue was published at the end of February 2010.  Adamo promises S not to be dealing “with speculations and rumors” but to emphasize coverage of “big-name celebrities” as well as “business world’s heavy-weights”.

Ms. Adamo has often been nicknamed the Swedish Oprah Winfrey! With three of the biggest Swedish magazine successes of the last 15 years under her belt, two Stora Journalistpriset (“Great Journalist Awards”) and the devotion of multiple generations of women readers, it’s easy to see why Amelia Adamo is the queen of magazines.  Her first name, Amelia, is now synonymous with women’s magazines in Sweden having launched her epnymous magazine in the mid-nineties, followed by eight annual spinoffs (Amelia Christmas, Amelia Baby, Amelia Summer, Amelia Bridal & Wedding, et al).  Amelia is the leading women’s glossy in Sweden with a circulation of 104 200 copies and publishes every other week. 

Tara, amelia adamo, amelia 
Tara (left), Sweden’s star editor Amelia Adamo (center), and the latest issue of Amelia (right).

Six years after Amelia’s launch, Ms. Adamo came up with Tara, which now circulates 92 100 copies 16x a year. Feeling that her initial readers had grown older with her, she wanted to put out a magazine for more mature women in their 50’s. After Tara came M-magasin, whose M stands for the term “Mappie” (Mature Affluent Pioneering People), which was coined by one of the magazine’s former editor, Claes Blom, to describe a certain kind of mature woman in her fifties. Lastly, in 2001, Ms. Adamo launched Pink Ribbon (or “Rosa bandet” in Swedish), a women’s magazine that would support the fight against breast cancer.  Ten Swedish crowns per issue went to the Swedish Cancer Fund, just like a crown per issue of M goes to Unicef. These days Rosa bandet lives on as an annual supplement in Amelia, Tara and M and has also become a yearly television gala to help gather money for the Cancer Fund.  This woman isn’t quite your average magazine executive, is she?

More info: Bonnier Magazines‘ official website.


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