France: Launch of new men’s glossy called “Dreamer”

Dreamer mag On April 2nd, Dreamer, a new upscale monthly men's magazine (10x a year), launched in France with an estimated circulation of 80 000 copies for its debut issue.  It will be distributed through the Media Golf's distribution channel at Golf Clubs throughout the country, as well as chic restaurants and hotel bars, VIP clubs, luxury car dealerships. In addition, Dreamer will be distributed in 300 selected large companies in and around Paris and 9 other French large cities outside. 

The 100-page glossy magazine features six editorial sections (high-tech, mobility, trends, fashion, design, sport and chill-out) caters to affluent epicurians who already have a lot, but still want more. They live the good life, but remain passionate about innovation across the board.  Dreamer aims to inspire their dreams through its captivating editorial features and stunning photography. Dreamer will also have its own dedicated website: Go to the magazine website for a sneak peak inside the premier issue.

Lastly, advertising for Dreamer will be managed by the ad sales house "Profil 18/30" specialized in niche and enthusiast publications.  Dreamer is being published by Dreamline Editions, founded by Patrick Gerbault (formerly of Emap France and Roularta) and Guillaume Salabert (President of Editéo and Founder of the Média Golf network).


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