Germany: “Gala Men” comes back on April 15!

Gala_men_bar rafaeli The debut issue of Gala Men, the male pendant to Germany's celebrity-oriented women's weekly Gala, is back!  It seems that publisher Gruner + Jahr was satisfied with the circulation of 65 000 copies achieved by the premiere issue featuring Brad Pitt at the end of 2009.  Now, the second issue is about to come out on April 15 and will feature Israeli model Bar Rafaeli on its cover.

Peter Lewandowski, the current editor, tweaked the title slightly by reducing the number of sections and promises the title will now offer more original reports.  A 20-page special on this Summer's FIFA Soccer World Cup as well as an interview of Germany's national soccer team's coach, Joachim Löw, are featured in the issue.

Gala Men will be sold for €5, just like the #1 issue, and will have a print run of 120 000 copies, available in newsstands for a period of 12 weeks.  The third issue is reportedly planned for October 14.


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