Germany: Titanic magazine gets sued over latest Church cover

Titanic cover This cover illustration of the latest issue of Titanic magazine shows a Catholic priest is facing a crucifix, but from a special perspective. Indeed, the priest is seen only from behind, his face being right in front of the genital area of Jesus on the crucifix. The Jesus figure is depicted with his head and chin looking up and blushing so bad it is actually bleeding from his wounds. The captio on the cover reads in German "the church today".

The idea for the cover came from Titanic editor Stephan Rürup and was illustrated by the Munich painter Rudi Hurzlmeier. It is a satirical allusion to the recent children abuse scandal within the Catholic Church that have dominated the media over the last few weeks. However, this cover has triggered so many formal complaints that the Frankfurt State D.A. is looking into accusations of sedition.  The editor could risk being prosecuted, but we will only know if a few weeks time. 

Titanic, the self-described "ultimate blasphemy magazine", is an independent niche satarical publication in Germany known for its irreverent cartoons. The title, which circulates short of 100 000 copies, is Berlin-based but its editorial offices are in Frankfurt.  It isn't the first time that Titanic magazine has come under fire with an infamous cover poking fun at the church though, they actually had several before, each stirring their own share of controversy at the time.  But this time, besides a letter from the publisher showing support for his editor despite the legal procedure being published on the site, what was the magazine's response to the legal attacks? It created a new page on their site featuring a retrospective of their controversial Jesus covers from the past and made them available now as e-cards!  The fun never ends at Titanic magazine…


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