USA: NY Mag’s Lady Gaga + Paper Mag’s Beth Ditto = great covers

Ny-mag growing up gaga Two of New York City's finest magazines have had great funky covers over the past 10 days featuring two excentric singers/fashionistas: New York magazine with Lady Gaga and Paper magazine with Beth Ditto (lead singer of the band Gossip).

Paper cover beth-ditto-13apr The weekly magazine New York, edited by David Remnick, had Lady Gaga on its cover and it ran a lengthy portrait of the singer cleverly called "Growing up Gaga", a nod to "Growing up Gotti" I suppose.

Paper had the voluptuous (to say the least) Beth Ditto on the cover of its annual "beautiful people" issue, sporting red hair and a flashy green wrap-around furry scarf. It's not your average cover, but the result is surprisingly great!  The magazine also ran an interview of the complex Miss Ditto, who was seen recently attending the fashion shows in Europe, called "Beth in show".

Behind the scenes of the cover photo shoot with Beth Ditto available on Paper TV below.

To view Lady Gaga's "101 most outrageous outfits" selected by New York magazine, click on the picture below.
 Lady gaga tree


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