France: “Fluide Glamour” pokes fun at other women’s mags

Following the recent launches Envy, Be and Grazia magazines, now Fluide Glacial launches "Fluide Glamour", out on newsstands April 22nd. The French satirical comics magazine Fluide Glacial ("freezing fluid"), is poking fun at the recent wave of launches in the women's magazine sector and decided to offer its own version of a women's glossy!

FluideGlamour couv In Fluide Glamour, comics of course, but also a section called "sexy shopping" and a review of the "man-slut"  Ready to read a new women's magazine, topped off with some sexy sauce (and trashy), with a lot of comics? Then Fluide Glamour is for you!  Mocking Envy, Be, Grazia and other newly launched women, the very Fluide Glamour is going after the recent magazine boom that affected the French women's press. 

As of April 22, the new bi-annual title will be available in newsstands  for 4,90 euros.  Besides the pink cover, Fluide Glamour will have absolutely nothing to do (or in common) with its distant cousin by name: Condé Nast's Glamour magazine. Fluide Glamour will reportedly have a print run of 90 000 copies for its debut issue and its publisher has invested 30 000 euros in the launch, plus 20 000 euros for the ad campaign promoting it.

Fluide glacial At first, it is surprising for a women's magazine (even satirical) to see this much comics, and just a few columns and articles in the magazine's 84 pages. In fact, Fluide Glacial has historically be nothing but a comics monthly since its inception in 1975.  Fluide's publisher has noticed that comics have been drawing a more mixed audience in recent years, with a readership who has become feminized, and the emergence of new female comics authors too. "We wanted to launch a magazine that mixes comics and humor, and that is sexy and cheeky" said Anaïs Vanel, editor of the spinoff Fluide Glamour.  The publisher aims to target a younger audience, the 20-30 year-olds, both make and female. 

For this first issue, the magazine has gathered thirty famous comic book authors, designers and bloggers, such as Riad Sattouf and Aurélia Aurita, the latter known for her very uninhibited comic book "Fraise et chocolat" ("Strawberry and chocolate").  The sections' headlines of Fluide Glamour set the tone: "Want to visit an SM club dressed up as a giant dragonfly?", "The sex-toy of the month: the washing machine", and "The man-slut". Besides comics, the magazine covers surprising topics: sexy shopping tips, an "Éroscope horotique" (erotic horoscope), a survey ("Are you sexually uninhibited"?), a game (raunchy of course) called "horny ladies". It's all very playful and tongue-in-cheek of course.


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