France: Le Figaro revamps its weekly cultural supplement “FigaroScope”

Nouveau figaroscope couv FigaroScope, Le Figaro's free magazine supplement about Paris' social events and cultural life got a face-lift on Wednesday.  Indeed, "le Scope", as it is often refered as on the streets of Paris, now boasts a refreshed layout, additional sections and a new editorial tone.  It is more of an evolution than a revolution, but definitely a positive change.

As the must-read local city-guide, Figaroscope features all the latest Parisian trends as well as the current must-see openings of the week and cultural events to come.  Its food and places sections also have a huge following.  The most relevant new features are:

• "Sold to the highest bidder!" by Béatrice of Rochebouet: advice to start or expand one's art collection.
• "The grain of salt" by writer Nicolas D'Estienne d'Orves: the Parisian snobbery seen through the eyes of this keen observer of the times.
• "On form": the best spots to remain tonic, to pamper, relax, refresh and re-energize.
• "Power of Art": Valérie Duponchelle on news exhibitions (museums, art galleries …).
• "Curtain!": Nathalie Simon on theater.
• "Next showing": Jean-Luc Wachtausen on the latest film releases.
• "Sweet and lowdown" by Annie Grandjanin (music).
• "On point" by Ariane Bavelier (ballet).
• "First seating" by Emmanuel Rubin (new restaurants).

And of course, the cult section of FigaroScope:
• "Haché Menu": food critic François Simon sifting through the best tables of Paris.Francois simon 

The Figaroscope's website has also been revamped with additional content, an interactive forum for users to debate about the question of the week (« La question de la semaine ») or  the latest food topics (« Le coin des gastronautes »).  Lastly, users can now register to receive two free weekly newsletters ("cultural" on Wednesday's and "recommended spots and places" on Friday's).


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