Germany: Thomas Garms takes German men on a Brazilian Trip!

Trip heft cover Thomas Garms, former editor-in-chief of German magazines Fit For Fun, Men's Health and Hörzu, is back in the magazine arena (almost six months after he was let go of his latest post within Axel Springer), having reportedly secured the licensing right for a German version of Brazilian male lifestyle title Trip.

The 52 year-old editor will bring Trip to Germany with a debut issue planned for mid-April. The title will then go on hiatus for the Summer until mid-September when the second issue is due to come out, supported by a full editorial team then.  The title should become a monthly publication from then on.

Trip BR 21636-org Trip was launched in 1986 as a generational lifestyle magazine for Brazilian men. It is to epitomize the Brazilian way of life in its core values. Today, the Trip brand is present on Brazilian radio shows, CD's, Internet, social projects and even has a female spinoff called TPM magazine. The brand is also responsible for the fashion and style magazine Daslu, besides the Audi lifestyle publication, in partnership with others magazines. Trip is constantly exploring other areas. As described on the Brazilian website, "Trip is not just a magazine. Trip is a genuine Brazilian project, and as such, it is not easy to understand, much less explain."

The magazine should be more in the spirit of edgier male titles like Neon, Max, Wiener, Tempo und Twen, more than GQ, FHM or Esquire.  It is to be "rebellous, brave and righteous" in the words of Mr. Garms.  The ton will be irreverent with a strong take on political stories, a clear point of view on arts and social topics.  Trip's debut issue will have a print run of 100 000 copies sold at a premium price of 4,80 euros.  And, according to the magazine's officel rate card, a double page ad will cost 26 400 euros before discounts. The magazine's website is already up and running.


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