Italy: Corriere’s Io Donna unveils fresh look under new editor

Io donna Il Corriere della Sera, Italy's leading newspaper, unveiled the new look and design of its upscale women's magazine supplement Io Donna ("me woman").  The women's glossy has been under the editoral helm of Diamante d'Alessio since January and the new layout and design was unveiled on April 27th in Milan.  It targets women who know how to strike a balance between commitments, culture, and the most typical women's interests, such as fashion, cosmetics, entertainment, decor, and cuisine.

Io Donna, which was launched in 1996, will also become more interactive with the introduction of its own dedicated website: www.iodonna.itRCS, its publisher, has also announced the start of a Tv show on Lei TV featuring contents from the magazine.

Io Donna site 

Io Donna is distributed with Il Corriere della Sera (435 000 copies on average in 2009) and has a readership of 979 000 readers per issue (Audipress 2009). Please click to view Io Donna's fact sheet in English.


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