USA: first glimpse at Bloomberg BusinessWeek relaunch

Bw-logo More than six months after being bought by Bloomberg LP, Bloomberg BusinessWeek magazine, as it is now called, is scheduled to relaunch under a new design and direction with the April 23 issue. As readers await the revamped magazine, the official magazine website has posted several videos of editor Josh Tyrangiel outlining what to expect. “Our mission is to be the indispensible magazine for our readers,” he said in the intro clip. 
Like all weekly business magazines, Bloomberg BusinessWeek has been struggling to remain fresh and relevant for a segment that gets so much of their information in real time online.  Mr. Tyrangiel is promising to “take people on journeys” in the redone publication. He says that a business magazine should do more than offer actionable business information but also show readers people and companies “they didn’t know they needed to know” and uncover ideas that will impact their lives for decades to come.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek videos
Without venturing far beyond generic platitudes or even illustrating a page of the new book, Mr. Tyrangiel outlines the new magazine structure where the table of contents will give users an at-a-glance index of what is in the magazine. The feature well tells stories and offers journeys through companies and people. And the last dozen pages, dubbed the “Etc.” section, will present a more rounded well of information that business people have in common, from food to travel.  More to come April 23rd…


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