USA: Reed Elsevier is shutting down 23 controlled-circulation B2B titles

Construction equipment cover Dutch b-to-b magazine publisher Reed Elsevier announced that it was closing 23 controlled-circulation publications it has so far been unable to sell. These publications include powerful and revered b-to-b media brands such as Construction Equipment, Graphic Arts Monthly, Modern Materials Handling, Plant Engineering, Professional Builder, Purchasing, Restaurants & Institutions and Tradeshow Week.

Daily variety front page Reed Elsevier confirmed it was keeping its media and entertainment industry titles, Variety, Marketcast, 411 Publishing, as well as Reed Construction Data and the Buyerzone lead-generation business.  Reed Elsevier has sold off a number of publications since last year, including Broadcasting & Cable, Electronic Design News, Library Journal, Interior Design and Publishers Weekly. It said these publications represent about two-thirds of the revenue of the portfolio it planned to divest.

The closing publications “may still be sold, but you might have to put ‘sold’ in quotation marks because, when you announce a publication is closing, its value plummets,” said Reed Phillips, managing partner of the DeSilva & Phillips consultancy.  The other Reed Elsevier publications being shuttered are Building Design+Construction, Chain Leader, Construction Bulletin, Consulting-Specifying Engineer, Control Engineering, Converting, Foodservice Equipment & Supplies, Graphic Arts Blue Book, HOTELS, Logistics Management, Material Handling Product News, Professional Remodeler, Semiconductor International, Spec Check and Supply Chain Management Review. Not a good week for the b-to-b magazine world…


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