France: business monthly “L’Expansion” has been relaunched

The French business monthly magazine L’Expansion, published by the Roularta Media France, has been redesigned and just relaunched this week with a revamped logo and new look.  Christine Kerdellant, the editorial director, acknowledged that it was time for the business to rethink its editorial formula and layout.  L’Expansion suffered from its austere former layout and his image was more of a dinosaur magazine – or magazine for dinosaurs I don’t know – than a business magazine in tune with today’s fast-changing business world.  While it keep focusing on “serious” news,  the redesign should have insufflated a wave of fresh air through the pages of the business magazine.  New sections like “zapping” and “décryptages” were  introduced as well. Steve Jobs appears on the cover of the relaunch issue that came out on April 28th and this cover choice further highlights the publisher’s intentions to cover old-school business topics as well as the digital economy.

L’Expansion sells for 4 euros per issue and has a circulation of 150 076 copies at the end of 2009, down 5,6% YoY.

More info:
Download the table of content of the relaunch issue (#752) – in French
Download entire digital issue (#752) –


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