NL: Linda magazine promotes gigolos in its 69th issue

To mark its 69th issue, Dutch women’s monthly mag Linda has decide to focus on “cheating”.  The editor and TV celebrity Linda de Mol (and sister of Endemol’s founder John de Mol)  even appears on the cover looking cheeky (posing in bed with only her bra on) with her “call boy” standing in the background whose behind is exposed.

Linda magazine is usually sold for 5,50 euros in newsstands.  One will barely save any euros by subscribing, it spares the trip to the kiosks mostly.  However, as a Linda subscriber, you get attractive “premiums”. For instance, there’s a special promotion until may 17 where one can enlist in a sweepstake, whose winners will be set up on 25 dates with a gigolo, each guaranteed to last about 2 hours!  According to the mag, this is at least worth 450 euros each date.  If you’d rather not go on a date, then you can settle for a handbag.

Obvioulsy this promotion has infurated a lot of people, even in the Netherlands where prostitution is legal!  The “Vakverk” prostitutes organization  has been threatening to take Ms. De Mol to court, arguing that this makes her a pimp.  Ms. De Mol, who recently separated from her husband, afer she caught him having an affair, seemed, however, quite pleased with the publicity her magazine is getting.

According to its publisher, Linda magazine currently circulates 159 579 copies a month, of which 50 000 through subscriptions.

More info:
Take a look at Linda’s 69th issue online.
Linda de Mol’s official website.


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