Germany: Springer launches “The Iconist”, first iPad app inspired by a magazine supplement

German publishing giant Axel Springer just announced the launch of its first independent iPad app, based on its Sunday paper’s (Welt am Sonntag) luxury magazine supplement Icon.

The app will be released on time for the introduction of the iPad in Germany late May.  The Iconist will be a digital magazine focusing on luxury, style, culture and society available through its eponymous app.  It is the brainchild from Inga Griese, Icon’s editor for the Welt am Sonntag, and Philipp Peitsch, CEO of the Electronic Media division at Axel SpringerThey promise The Iconist will be much more than a digital version of the Welt’s Icon supplement.  Next to photos and text, there will also be a video player, podcasts and twitter functions all built-in, according to a report in MEEDIA.  Amongst the 15 features included in the debut issue, there will be pieces on Prada and architect Zaha Hadid, a tour of the Berlin hip restaurant “Grill Royal”, an interactive access to the desk of Hermès’ creative director Philippe Dumas and a travel guide to Istanbul.

From an advertising standpoint, The Iconist should also be a pioneer in introducing new ways to insert ads in a digital magazine designed especially for tablets.  The digital magazine will be published four times a year, according to Springer.  The price of the app should be between 2,99 and 4,99 euros.  Axel Springer will settle on the exact price in the coming weeks apparently.  It will be interesting to see what the acceptance level of a paid app in the free online world will be, even for an upscale luxury editorial product…


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