Global: latest Louis Vuitton campaign unites football legends Pelé, Maradona and Zidane for the first time

French luxury brand Louis Vuitton started its Journey campaign in 2007 when it decided to focus on its roots and its legendary savoir-faire in high-end luggage.  Many stars – from the Agassi’s and Catherine Deneuve to Buzz Aldrin and Mikhail Gorbatchev – have since graced the pages of the magazines, in which the now famous campaign ran.  American photographer to the stars, Annie Leibovitz, shot every single one of them.

For the latest incarnation of the campaign, Louis Vuitton judiciously pulled off what many thought to be unthinkable: gather football’s (soccer) three biggest stars ever for a photo-shoot!  But Louis Vuitton did it.   Indeed, the latest creative features Argentina’s Diego maradona, Brazil’s Pelé and France’s Zinédine Zidane playing kicker in Madrid’s Café Maravillas.

The print campaign will start appearing in international news, business and men’s magazines (such as Time, Newsweek, The Economist, Focus, L’Express, L’espresso, etc.) in June, shortly before the FIFA World Cup’s start in South Africa.

The official campaign website, Louis Vuitton Journeys, is currently running a contest around these football legends to entice visitors to vote for the winner of a kicker game between Pelé and Zidane, Maradona acting as the ref.  Pelé is currently ahead with 53% of the votes.  The outcome will be known on May 10 when the actual game is being shown on the site.  Stay tuned…


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