Cover of the month: April/May issue of Wonderland magazine (UK)

Wonderland Apr-May issue N°22 My vote this month: Carey Mulligan’s black and white shot on the cover of the April/ May 2010 issue of Wonderland magazine.

Styled to look like old-school British model Twiggy, the British actress Carey Mulligan, whose role is last year’s “An Education” gave her her big break, looks more like the 60’s fashion icon’s demented little sister.  She looks possessed/ like her eye make-up was drawn on with a Sharpie pen.

I suppose the cover of Wonderland‘s issue #22 was shot some time before the “Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps” release date was pushed back from April 23, to November 2010.  They rarely start promoting a movie eight months early in Hollywood!  

More info on Wonderland:
Wonderland is a London-based international, independently-published magazine offering a unique perspective on the best new and established talent across all popular culture: fashion, film, music and art.  Published independently by Stuart Jackson, the magazine currently has a worldwide circulation of 97 975 copies, of which, 55 518 are in the UK (Comag figures dated sept/oct. 2009), but isn’t officialy ABC audited yet.  According to its subscriber survey, the magazine claims to have a mixed affluent readership (58% AB) that skews slightly more female (56%).  The Wonderland readers are mostly urban and aged 25-34 (60%).


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