USA: New Henry Luce biography by Alan Brinkley

Henry Luce, the creator of iconic American magazines such as Time, Life, Fortune and later Sports Illustrated, was a media tycoon at a time when freedom of the press belonged to the man who owned one (rather than, as now, to anyone with an Internet service provider), a time when a lone publisher could aspire to influence the course of world events, as Bill Keller wrote in the NY Times.

The writer Alan Brinkley, a scholar of the New Deal and frequent NY Times contributor, has just released its latest book which he dedicated to the life of Henry Luce.  Titled “The Publisher: Henry Luce and  His American Century“, it is the second “biography” to be published on Mr. Luce, thirty years after “The powers that be” written by David Halberstam.  Mr Brinkley’s biography is subtler, more sympathetic although one doesn’t uncover much more than in the previous book by Mr. Halberstam.

The 531-page book is published by Alfred A. Knopf and is on sale for $35 on Amazon.


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