Germany: “Beef!”, the magazine for men with taste

Gruner + Jahr has launched a €1,6M advertising campaign to promote its latest men’s title Beef! whose debut issue just came out and will now be published quarterly (August 5 and November 4 next).  The year-long campaign is running in Gruner publications as well as competitive titles (Capital, Monopol, Cicero, Stern and Brigitte are reportedly on the media plan).

Beef! was first introduced as a test issue in Fall 2009 as the gourmet magazine for men who cook.  Beef! is the brainchild of German editor Jan Spielhagen who won the internal Gruner contest for new magazine ideas.  He then developped the 174-page test issue, whose print run was 100 000 (53 000 sold copies) despite the hefty €9,80 cover price.  The highlights of the magazine are its centerfold with suggestions for the perfect four-course menu, its 16-page wine guide and, of course, the cover story, which was all about what men love most: steaks!

Beef! caters to affluent German men aged 30-54, who like to host nice dinners occasionnally. The 4cFP ad is listed at €14000 in the rate card.  Click to download the Beef! factsheet in English.  And the official magazine website is already up and running.


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