Germany: Focus magazine’s new Greece cover controversy

German newsweekly Focus published back-to-back covers featuring a Greek female statue recently.  On February 22, Focus featured the statue giving the finger with the headline “The traitor within the European family” (Betrüger in der Euro-Familie in German)  underneath, which infuriated the Greek and German governments.  The cover stirred a lot of controversy in Germany but Focus didn’t apologize for the insult by representing Greece as an “ill-mannered child”. 

This Monday, the latest issue of Focus came out with the exact same Greek statue on the cover but this time, no middle finger raised, but the palm of the hand facing up instead, as if to beg for money.  Now the caption reads “Griechenland – und unser Geld” (Greece and our money).  Clever.  But sure to stir some more controversy…

Watch video commentaries by Focus’ editorial team (in German):
Betrüger in der Euro-Familie – Feb. 20
Griechenland – und unser Geld – May 3


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