USA: “48 Hour Magazine”, an experiment in using new tools to erase media’s old limits

I recently stumbled upon this great magazine project on the social media site of the French agency ROSE48HR Magazine is an editorial experience of a new kind.  A team of journalists, designers and developpers, which are a little on the craz side, decided to experiment putting together a magazine in 48 hours!

Their challenge, which can become yours, is to design and realize a magazine of at least 48 pages under 48 hours “using new media tools to erase old’s limits”.   The voluntary contributions are open to anyone who likes to write. Journalists and artists from magazines such as Wired, Dwell, and Rolling Stone have already responded to the call, but “amateurs” can participate as well.

On May 7th, the magazine’s theme will be revealed, giving then 24 hours for entries to be posted on the site. The following 24 hours will be devoted to assembling the No. 1 issue of the publication, which is to be printed on glossy paper as well as digitally on a brand new site.

Profits from the sale of the magazine, whose progress will be seen live on will be divided into four equal parts among all contributors, the three best contributions, future investments and a “crazy stuff”. For more information visit the 48HR Blog.

The team behind 48HR Magazine has been inspired by a range of other projects: Strange Light, Pop Up Magazine, Ash Cloud Tales, and The Whole Earth Catalog. But really, it is the existence of the tools themselves that have invaded our dreams.

Here’s the 411:
• to participate, sign up on the 48Hr Mag  site,
• keep in touch with the whole thing, follow 48HR Magazine on Twitter or keep up with the latest news on the blog
• follow the progress of the issue after May 7 live on UStream.


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