CH: “L’Illustré” celebrated its 90th anniversary with a redesign

On April 28, Zurich-based publisher Ringier gave a fresh look to its 90-year old French-language flagship news and pictures magazine L’Illustré.  It is the little brother of “Schweizer Illustrierte” (Swiss Illustrated in English) for French-speaking Switzerland.

The first part of the magazine is still devoted to Celebrities – always humorous and fresh, not mean-spirited – followed by the  Current Events section, which is even more breaking-news and vibrant than before.  The second part of the magazine has been merged into one. The pastel-hued Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Wellness and Food sections are bursting with practical information in particular.  The Planet pages complement the Car, Decor and Law & Money sections, which were launched last year with great success.

L’Illustré, which is based in Lausanne, currently circulates 90 635 copies per week and has a readership of 353 000 readers per issue.  Click to download the magazine’s media pack (in German), courtesy of


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