France: “Philosophie Magazine” wins Magazine of the Year Award

Philosophie Magazine won the Magazine of the Year Award at the 2010 edition of French magazine publishers’ industry event organized by their joint association, the SPMIPhilosophie Magazine finished first in a very tight race, ahead of Elle (Lagardère Active) and L’Automobile Magazine (Motor Presse).  Elle still won best women’s magazine in the sub-category of the same name.  Philosophie Magazine was chosen by the jury because it reflects better the preocupations of today’s society and wanted to reward the magazine’s ambitious editorial motto of pairing lenghty intellectually-driven articles with striking photography.  Edited by Alexandre Lacroix, it is a magazine that will welcome and please first-time readers as well as content regulars.  The magazine, which was launched in 2006, sells for €5,50 and currently circulates 53 319 copies. 

The French cultural weekly Télérama won the Award for “Best cover” of the year for its January 24th 2009 cover featuring a black-and-white warning sign in the middle of the picture of President Nicolas Sarkozy’s face, evoking the famous anti-smoking warning signs that appear on French cigarette packs.  the headline read: Too much security gravely endangers people’s liberties”.  Télérama also took home the Award for “Best magazine website”.

The “best new magazine” of the year went to the French edition of Grazia which was launched on August 30th 2009.  GQ France won the Jury’s special prize, heralding a magazine that’s doing a good job, regardless of any award categories.  Lastly, the Award for “journalistic audacity” went to Marie Claire for its October 2009 issue, in which ten French stars took their tops off in a joint effort to promote the need for mature women to get checked-up regularly for breast cancer after a certain age.

Download this PDF document with the complete list of all the 2010 nominees accompanied by a note from the jury for each explaining why they won or didn’t win (in French).


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