Fashion mags forced to censor iPad editions to please Apple’s no-nipples policy

It looks like magazine publishers, who were planning to launch iPad editions for the Apple’s iPad, will have to censor themselves to make it into Apple’s App Store.  It is already known that Apple has the strict policy toward anything somewhat erotic, but this policy will apparently be made even stricter on the iPad app.

It’s not just for raunchy mags like Britain’s Nuts. Edgier fashion magazines like Dazed & Confused and Vice will have to seriously cut back on nudity in photography and fashion shoots as well.  In the UK, new fashion bible LOVE famously launched a first edition with a naked photo shoot of Beth Ditto, as previously covered on this blog.  That won’t fly on the iPad if Steve Jobs has his way!

Every week there have been complaints about apps removed from the iTunes store – usally small-scale soft porn stuff, but it throws the Apple policy into relief when art or fashion magazines have to start censoring themselves.

It’s even more ironic because the iPad has been billed as the savior of the magazine industry and also given Apple’s reputation as a maintstay of the creative industries.


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