Germany: G+J launched new kind of family magazine with NIDO

Gruner + Jahr has brought a new kind of magazine to the German market with the recent introduction of new family magazine NIDO.

As the publisher puts it on its website: “one’s life changes when the first child arrives – in a dramatic and wonderful way. But sooner or later parents experience a moment of truth: they want to regain some of their former lives but still be good parents at the same time. In this phase of reorientation, NIDO helps young parents reconcile their personal interests as well as the demands made on a parent. At NIDO, the focus is on the parents for a change – and not on the child. This makes NIDO unique as a lifestyle magazine for young parents.”

NIDO covers a wide spectrum of thems: from pop to politics, from fashion to travel and interior decorating, up to psychology and sex. And everything is seen through the perspective of modern, urban parents.

NIDO just launched a few weeks ago as a monthly magazine selling for €3,90.  A 4CFP ad costs €12 500 gross according to the magazine’s rate card.  It caters to affluent, urban, young parents who are expected in their late thirties mostly.


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