USA: “Domino” is the most missed magazine, according to a recent Min Online poll

Apparently Americans really miss Domino magazine.  In last week’s wildly popular minonline poll that asked “Which Magazine Do You Miss the Most?” the defunct style and decor book from Condé Nast, which folded a little over a year ago, topped the voting.  With 1 238 votes counted across 10 choices, a remarkable third (33%) most missed their Domino.

Former Domino editor-in-chief Deborah Needleman did told minonline, “So nice if you have to be gone, not to be forgotten also!” and former publisher Beth Brenner, now at Traditional Home, added “Not a day passes when I don’t encounter a former Domino reader lamenting its passing – literally, not a day.  No other media property has taken its place in their hearts – or their lives – so it is touching, but not surprising, that we would be the most missed.”

Here is a snapshot of the full results:


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