Germany: New mag “Freundin Donna” goes after mature women

The debut issue of the latest Freundin spinoff called Freundin Donna, which targets more mature women (the 45-60 y.o. bracket) than its big sister Freundin, hit German newsstands last week with much fanfare.

The latest launch by German publisher Hubert Burda Media, was originally codenamed Anton, until a few weeks prior to its launch.  The editor Ulrike Zeitlinger felt like women 45+ have been ignored in the magazine arena, leaving a deep void that Freundin Donna is hoping to fill.  Its editorial features the usual women’s magazine’s fixtures: “Mode” (fashion), “Beauty & Wellness”, “Leben & Lieben” (living and loving), “Gesundheit” (health), “Kreativ Wohnen” (creative living), “Kultur” (culture), „Kochen” (cooking) and “Reise” (travel).

The 260-page debut issue of the new Freundin spinoff (Freundin WellFit is another sister edition focusing on health and fitness) is on sale for €2,90 and is printed on high-quality glossy paper with an initial print run of 300 000 copies.  If successful, the magazine should become monthly this Fall (Freundin comes out every other week).

A 4CFP ad is listed at €14500 gross, according to the publisher rate card.

Click to see to the official publisher press release (in German).


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