USA: New York mag joins in on the LeBron courtship

Once again, LeBron James and the Cavs failed to win an NBA Championship!  Actually they were beat by the Celtics and didn’t even make it to the Eastern Conference Final this year.  The problem is, Lebron James is actually becoming a free agent this Summer and is being courted by everyone, but mostly the Heat, the Bulls and my beloved Knicks! Last week, New York Magazine ran a great LeBron cover to help try luring the “King” to the Big Apple, which I thought was a good one!  Of course, New York mag pulls off great covers all the time, but this cover could become a classic should LeBron really decide to leave OH to come to NY this Summer!
Also, I liked this guy who had a “LeBron or Bust 2010” t-shirt made to poke fun at the Knicks’ attempt to lure James back in January 2009!

Also, the recent Shaq cover of Sports Illustrated magazine caught my eye.  One can see an “aging Shaq” in close-up thanks to some creative use of Photoshop.  I think it went out before the Cavs/Celtics semi-finals ended, but it does look truer than ever now. The headline read “Good old Shaq”…yep!

Meanwhile on’s “Extra Mustard” section, it looks like their journalist has also started to fantasize it seems.

Click here to read this Shaq article “The Big Sidekick” auf


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