Germany: latest installment of the VDZ trade campaign promoting the power of print

VDZ, Verband Deutscher Zeitschriftenverleger (the Association of German magazine publishers in other words, similar to the MPA in the U.S.), revealed the latest installment of its B2B marketing  campaign called “Print wirkt” (roughly translated “Print works”, or “Print has an impact”), which was started to promote the advertising efficiency and core values of the magazine medium in Germany. 

Since its start in 2006, several big-name advertisers (such as Dove, Davidoff, Jack Daniel’s, Deutsche Post, O2, etc.) have contributed to the various creatives for the campaign.  Each visual is a nod to the original advertiser campaign, but without the brand or logo, just the mention “Print wirkt“. For instance, the latest version is a spoof of the O2 mobile phone carrier. It’s amazing what publishers can accomplish when they team up to defend the same cause.  Here’s to a clever initiative!


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